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EASY ENGINEERING No. 14 – All About Compressed Air Operated Air Knives

  Compressed air operated air knives are ideal for replacing rows of nozzles or drilled pipe used in blow off applications. What to look for and installation tips are explained...
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Keeping Camera Lens Clean with Air Knives

One application for small compressed air operated air knives or flat nozzles is to assist in keeping the lens of cameras clean as in the picture shown. In dirty...
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“ASK Les” No. 30 – Can you Combine Air Amplification and Vortex Tube Technology?

  Compressed air amplification draws in atmospheric air and mixes it with compressed air to amplify air flow. Vortex Tubes create freezing air from compressed air. But can you combine...
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A New Alternative for Compressed Air Filtration Tested to ISO12500

The new ISO 12500 standard, covers the testing of compressed air filters and to provide a proven and tested basis to evaluate performance. This is a great improvement over the...
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Easy Engineering No. 13 – Why Use Safety Compressed Air Nozzles, Jets and Air Knives?

    Using Safety Compressed Air Nozzles, Jets and Air Knives has advantages as outlined in this video. Nex Flow Air Products Corp. and their representatives worldwide can provide assistance in...
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Compressed Air Considerations for Blow off and Cooling Applications

Despite the push by blower providers to convert compressed air blow off to blower operated systems, the fact is 70% of compressed air is still, on the average, used...
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Things to Consider No. 6

Things to consider in ejecting or pushing parts off a conveyor in a production or packaging process when using compressed air blow off. Contact Nex Flow Air Products Corp. for...
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  In the early 1980s, buying, managing, and disposing of cutting fluids accounted for less than 3 percent of the cost of most machining operations. Today, fluids, including their management...
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“Ask Les” No. 29 – What To Check if your Vortex Tube Does Not Work

A vortex tube is a relatively simple device. So if it does not work, a few things need to be checked. Nex Flow Air Products Corp. can assist on the...
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EASY ENGINEERING No. 12 – Drying Bottles and Cans on a Conveying Systems

  In drying bottles and cans on a conveying system you want to do it with the least space as possible and quickly and get it as dry as possible. Contact...
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