Produk Udara Nex Flow - Global leader in specialized compressed air technology

Clients in the United States and Canada can now buy direct.  Other countries may contact their distributors direct. If you have any questions please let us know.


Medium Panel Cooler

For average size control cabinets. These units can cool your electrical and electronic controls and keep out any harsh factory environment.

Medium X-Stream™ Panel Cooler

Same as the standard Medium Panel Cooler but extra silencing to 65 dBA.

Small Panel Cooler

For small control panels. These units do effective cabinet cooling while maintaining cleanliness inside the panel.

Small X-Stream™ Panel Cooler

Same as the standard Small Panel Cooler but extra silencing to 62 dBA.

Tiub Vorteks

In many applications where simple cooling is required the Vortex Tube alone may be used and is popular especially for small enclosures and for industrial cameras subjected to high heat.

Innovation Not Replication

Produk Udara Nex Flow

Nex Flow Air Products Corp. Bangga dengan menjadi proaktif – Satu langkah ke hadapan! Kami bukan sahaja menyelesaikan masalah udara termampat, tetapi juga mengesyorkan dan membantu pelanggan dengan menghalang masalah daripada berlaku sama sekali.

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