Electronic Thermostat Package

Electronic Thermostat Package

Electronic On-Off Control for Use with Panel Coolers

Pneumatic Water Separator

Pneumatic Oil and Water Seperator

Point of use: Water Separator that may eliminate need for other filter. No Maintenance No Replacement Filter Elements

Rigid Flex Hose

Rigid Flex Hose​

Rigid Stainless Steel Hose for Blow-off Products


Swivels Nex Flow

Stainless Swivel to Jet Nozzles and Jets for Controlling Direction in Blow-off

Regulators with Gauges

regulator overview

Regulators with Gauge for use with Air of our Systems

Filters With Auto Drain

Filters with Automatic Drains for use with our systems

Manual Valves

Manual Valves_RN

Manual Shut-off Valve for use with our systems

Mechanical Thermostat

Mechanical Thermostat​

System for On-Off Control for use with Panel Coolers & Other  Vortex Tube Systems

Mounting System

Mounting System​

Secure air knives / air amplifiers in place quickly and easily with precision mounting.

Magnetic Base

Magnetic Base_RN

Magnetic Swivel Base to Mount & Secure Blow-off & Cooling Products

Reclassifier Mufflers

Reclassifier Mufflers​

Eliminate Oil Mist from Valves & Cylinders & Reduce Noise

Temperature Sensing Labels

Temperature Sensing Labels​

Qualitative Indicator to Identify if Control Panel is Overheating

Stainless Steel Shim Kits

Stainless Steel Shim Kits Various

Shim kits are available for Air Edgers, Air Knives, Air Amplifiers, and Ring Blades.  All shims are constructed out of stainless steel.

Bypass System For Panel Cooler

Bypass System Panel Cooler

Bypass system consists of 316L Stainless Steel tee and 316L Stainless Steel combination tee and flow control valve connected together with a stainless bypass stainless hose.


Hot and Cold end Mufflers various

Hot and Cold End Mufflers to reduce noise levels on vortex tubes and vortex tube systems


Nex Flow® manufactures and specializes in products for compressed air blow off, drying, cleaning, cooling, and moving.  We also provide technology for compressed air optimization – on/off control, noise monitoring, flow measurement, and leak detection. Nex Flow® also supplies accessories to make it easier to install and use their products:

Filters and Separators – moisture, oil and dirt in airlines can be a problem in using blowoff and cooling products so proper filtration should be used.  Nex Flow® provides water removal filters and recommends a minimum of 5-micron filtration for water removal.  If oil is an issue, Nex Flow® oil removal filters will filter to 0.3 microns.   Nex Flow® also offers two unique products that can reduce the need for filtration in some applications.  The Nex Flow® Super Separation will remove 99.99% oil and water from a compressed air system. It cannot guarantee particle size but if water especially is a big problem in air lines, the Super Separator can address it and extend the life of existing filters.  An even higher quality unit is available in the Nex Flow® Filter.   This unit will remove 99.9999% oil and water from a system and guarantee filtration to 1 micron.  In many plant systems, this can eliminate the need to for filters entirely.  Both the Super Separator and Filter ate essentially maintenance free and have a 5-year warranty.   These accessories are worth serious consideration especially in large systems where water and oil removal pose a high maintenance cost utilizing cartridge filters.

Regulators and manual valves are offered to complement our main products, to help minimize the air cost by optimizing the air pressure you really need and to easily turn on an off items as necessary.

With our vortex tube operated Panel Coolers, Nex Flow® offers a mechanical thermostat with solenoid valve or a pre-packaged Electronic Thermostat which gives additional control over the temperature setting you want inside your control panel.  Using these packages saves compressed air as the units will only operate when necessary.   Nex Flow® Panel Coolers keep panels at a slightly positive pressure to keep out atmospheric air.  When using thermostat control, the Nex Flow® bypass system is recommended to keep a small amount of air flowing into the panel to maintain this positive pressure.

Another accessory provided with every Panel Cooler is a special temperature-sensitive sticker that is put on the outside of a control panel as a qualitative indicator to show if the panel is overheating.  These stickers can be purchased separately.

When using Nex Flow® compressed air nozzles, amplifiers, air knives, there are mounting systems offered for them.   Special mounting systems are available for air amplifiers and air knives.  Swivels and a flexible but rigid (Rigid-Flex) hose can be used with air nozzles and jets for aiming where required.   A magnetic base is available to use with the Rigid-Flex hose and for all Nex Flow® products to secure them on any magnet accepting surface.

Reclassifier mufflers are provided for valves and cylinders to eliminate oil mist and reduce noise to improve the factory environment.  OSHA standards limit the amount of allowable mist in a factory atmosphere which these units can address.

And finally, shims.  Nex Flow® does not use plastic shims in their air knives and other products where shims are utilized because they wear out quickly.   Only stainless steel shims are used.  Shim kits and individual sizes are available to replace old shims if necessary, or as spare parts or to open the gaps in the existing products to increase force and flow.

Accessories are there to make it easier!!!