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Nex Flow Patents and Patent Pending Products


PATENT USED FOR FRIGID-X MIST COOLER – this patent allows for the cooling of water based
coolant/and or lubricant with a vortex tube so that the amount of liquid required is reduced
approximately 20% improving the environment and saving on material, all without the need of a
costly and separate pumping system. This patented vortex tube to supply cooled lubricant is ideal
where some lubrication is required : FRIGID-X MIST COOLER

Canada Registration Number: 2,784,109
European Patent Convention Number: 2,690,341
France Registration Number: 2,690,341
Germany Registration Number: 2,690,341
Hong Kong Registration Number: HK1192604
Ireland Registration Number: 2,690,341
Japan Registration Number: 6,139,317
Luxembourg Registration Number: 2,690,341
Monaco Registration Number: 2,690,341
Sweden Registration Number: 2,690,341
Switzerland Registration Number: 2,690,341
United Kingdom Registration Number: 2,690,341
United States Registration Number: 9,303,813


PATENT USED FOR NEMA 4-4X (IP66) PANEL COOLER – This patent allows for a more reliable method
to prevent water from entering an electrical or electronic control panel in a wash down situation by
using flexible sealing instead of spring loaded methods which can wear out and other methods which
only allow for a certain amount of spray time. This is very important in factory applications such as
food production where regular wash down is required. : NEMA 4-4X (IP66) PANEL COOLER
Canada Registration Number: 2,738,991
United States Registration Number: 8,616,010


PATENT & PATENT PENDING USED FOR AIR MAG NOZZLES – This patent increases air nozzle efficiency
by improving the force/air consumption ratio of the range of nozzles and also extends the distance for
laminar flow allowing the air nozzles to be effective at greater distances. Air Mag nozzles can replace
all competitive air nozzles that we know of on the market with equal or improved output typically at a
better cost and save additional energy with the sane or reduced noise levels because of increased
efficiency.(Link to Air Mag nozzles): AIR MAG NOZZLE

Canada Application Number: 2,981,987
China Registration Number: ZL201580080575.1
European Patent Convention Number: 3,280,538
France Registration Number: 3,280,538
Germany Registration Number: 3,280,538
Italy Registration Number: 3,280,538
Switzerland Registration Number: 3,280,538
United Kingdom Registration Number: 3,280,538
United States Application Number: 15/565,005


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