Vortex Tubes

Vortex Tube side by side

Vortex Tubes are an effective, low-cost solution to a wide variety of industrial spot and process cooling needs.

Cabinet Enclosure Coolers

Panel Cooler

Wide Range of Maintenance from Panel Coolers, Ideal for Harsh Environments Cool Control Panels, Cabinets & Other Enclosures

Silent X-Stream® Panel Coolers

Silent X Stream Panel Cooler

Reduce Noise Levels To 64 dba Or More And Prevent Downtime Due To Overheating Electronic Control Panels

Adjustable Spot Coolers

Adjustable Spot Coolers Nex Flow

Vary Temperature & Flow for Spot Cooling Ideal for Lab & Testing Where Spot Cooling is Required

Mini Coolers

Mini Spot coolers

Spot Cool Small Areas Nozzle Cooling, Small Parts

Tool Cooling System

Vortex Tube Cooling

Cool Tools in Dry Machining Routing, Cutting, Drilling or Cleaning, Glass, Titanium & Other Materials

Mist Tool Cooling System

Mist Tool Cooler

Cool Tools when Lubrication is required. Reduces lubricant use up to 20%

WHY USE Vortex Tubes for Industrial Spot Cooling and for ENCLOSURE COOLING?

The equipment related to these systems are a very specialized technology. There are many suppliers but very few who really understand it.  Nex Flow® is one of the few that does understand and actively maintains research in the field.

A vortex tube is a device that takes compressed air, spins it one way and then back inside itself, literally splitting the flow into a hot and cold stream.  The cold stream is used for “spot cooling” or for cooling enclosures of all sorts but especially to cool cabinet enclosures, control panels, and industrial cameras.

The vortex tube technology provided by Nex Flow® uses compressed air but it can also use other inert gases like nitrogen.  Nex Flow® has produced special sizes and designs, and even one for a project using natural gas.  Through research and development, Nex Flow® continues to come up with develop other applications for this unique technology, and to improve the efficiency of the products which depends on many proprietary factors.

Vortex Tubes have the following advantages:

  1. Compact
  2. No moving parts
  3. No electricity
  4. Lightweight
  5. Portable

Apart from special designs, the technology is available in the following configurations under the Nex Flow® Frigid-X® trademark as follows:

  1. Frigid-X® Vortex tube unit itself
  2. Packaged Frigid-X® Panel Cooler for cooling control panels
  3. Packaged as the Frigid-X® adjustable spot cooler
  4. Packaged as the Frigid-X® tool cooler or a smaller mini cooler
  5. Packaged to cool liquid as the Frigid-X® mist cooler