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Nex Flow Air Products Corp. Prides itself on being proactive – One step ahead! We not only solve compressed air problems, but also recommend and assist customers with  preventing problems from occurring at all.

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Nex Flow Air Nozzles and Air Jets come in various forms depending on the application.    Air nozzles entrain air from around the nozzle.  Air jets entrain air through the center of the product as well as from the surrounding atmosphere.

The standard Nex Flow air nozzle line is of the traditional cone shape for entraining air and converting pressure into high flow, reducing compressed air consumption and noise levels.  This style of nozzle is ideal for small “spot” cooling applications and well as light blow off due to high air flow amplification.   The nozzles range from 5 mm to ½” in connection size.

Nex Flow  Air Mag Nozzle range is a patent pending engineered nozzle design that provides the highest force/air consumption ratio and ideal for a wide range of blow off applications.  This nozzle range is from 4 mm to ½” at this time and will be extended to larger sizes in the near future. Read More...

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