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Compressed Air Consulting

Optimize the use of “what you have”; to lower the cost of your compressed air in you system by addressing your specific problem areas that most important to you.


Flat Jet and Nozzle Systems

Standard and Special Designed Manifolds can be supplied with Nex Flow Flat Jets, and Air Nozzles to address all kinds of Bow Off Applications.

PLC Flow Control System

Truly advanced and uses the most modern technology available today and can be used as a standalone unit or interfaced with other automated systems. The PLCFC is a PLC based system not just a simple timer.

Ion Blaster Beam®

Ion Blaster Beam neutralizes static electricity and can remove static free dust up to 15 feet (4.6 m) away with no moving parts. Its compact design allows it to be used in hard to reach areas or confined spaces.

X-Stream® Air Blade Ioniser

A Low Cost but powerful static eliminator that rapidly removes static charge and cleans. Combining the superior designed Air Blade® Air Knife the quality Haug static bars.

Medium X-Stream® Panel Cooler

An image showing the Medium X-Stream® Panel Cooler

For average size control cabinets these units can cool your electrical and electronic controls and keep out any harsh factory environment with extra silencing to 65 dBA

Mist Cooler

Incorporates a vortex tube to cool the mist lubricant reducing the amont required by 20% and is used where dry machining is preferable but where some lubrication is necessary such as in deep hole drilling.

Tool Cooler

This vortex tube operated unit is ued for improving dry machining applications on plastic, glass, ceramic, titanium and other materials where liquid coolant cannot be used.

Vortex Tube

An image showing a Large Vortex Tube

In many applications where simple cooling is required the Vortex Tube alone may be used and is popular expecially for small enclosures and for industrial cameras subjected to high heat.

Reversible Drum Pump

Easily transfer liquids into and from a drum with the Reversible Drum Angel. Even corrosive materials can be handled by this 316L stainless steel unit.

Innovation Not Replication

Nex Flow Air Products


Reduce Compressed Air Cost and Noise Safely

Use your compressed air to blow, vent, dry, cool, and exhaust efficiently to reduce noise and energy. Let us help you choose right equipment for your application – whether it’s an air knife, air nozzle, air amplifier, air jet, air wipe, or the safety air gun.

Spot Cool and Cool Enclosures with Vortex Tubes

Convert your compressed air to very cold air (as low as -40 degrees F) for industrial spot cooling. Our Vortex tubes are also available in packaged panel coolers (cabinet enclosure coolers) and in easily operated models like the tool cooler and mist cooling system.

Convey, Collect, Transfer and Vent materials, gases.

Convey solid materials, waste, trim, small parts with virtually no moving parts. Our air operated conveyor is called the Ring Vac and can transfer products of all type in a line vacuum. Drum pumps and Fume extractors are also available to convey liquid and gas of all sorts.

Optimize your Compressed Air Use to Save

Save money by optimizing your compressed air system and spot leakage with our sound meter, ultrasonic leak detector and PLCFC control system.

Eliminate Static and Clean Statically Charged Surfaces

Prevent static charges in production that cause personnel shocks, dirt buildup, and machine jam ups. Our static eliminator bars and ionizing bars can be used alongside compressed air accessories like our ion air knives, ion blaster beam, and point spot eliminator. We also offer Static meter for static measurements.

Compressed Air Accessories

Accessories to enhance the installation and operation of our other products. Whether its a swivel, a hose, a filter or a magnetic base for mounting – we have it designed to be readily installed along-side other compressed air products.

Nex Flow Air Products Corp. Prides itself on being proactive – One step ahead! We not only solve compressed air problems, but also recommend and assist customers with preventing problems.

Nex Flow® Air Products Corp. is a manufacturer of compressed air-operated products made to improve plant and energy efficiency, improve quality, and enhance the environment.

Founded by Les Rapchak, who has over 40 years experience in the compressed air field and over 30 years in specialty compressed air products, the Nex Flow® brand has become a worldwide name making sales globally.   Our product line includes air blow-off products that reduce noise levels and compressed air use, air blow off and cleaning that incorporates static control, air operated conveying units, and vortex tube technology using vortex tubes for spot cooling, control panel cooling, tool cooling and other unique applications. Read more about Nex Flow®. 

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