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January 17, 2022

Where Have All The People (Worker’s) Gone!!! What Can We Do?

Where Have All The People (Worker’s) Gone!!! What Can We Do?

With labor shortages rampant and no end in sight for qualified personnel, (and maybe even trainable personnel in sight!) getting things done is increasingly difficult.

But there is a great deal that can be done.

Labor saving ideas and products have over the years crept into our society at home and at work.

Machinery keeps coming to produce output that requires less people, less material and this will continue.

But sometimes we focus too much on the big things (like new machinery) when even small investments can alleviate the labor shortage.

For example, if you have a new, high output plastic injection molding machine, you still need to load a hopper with resin.

If that is still highly manual, that small task be assisted with a Nex Flow® Ring vac® and indeed, is a common application.

In fact, an application where labor is required to move something from one place to another can sometimes be addressed with Ring vac’s.

We often miss observing problem areas that draw the attention of personnel and their time, especially maintenance time because it’s been endemic for so long when maintenance reducing products can address these applications.

For example, in plastic production lines, if jamming occurs from static, and one or two or more personnel spend time addressing these production issues, perhaps a simple static control solution can be used like the X-Stream® Air Blade® air knives.

Nex Flow® Panel Coolers have been expanding in use as downtime from overheating on control panels is aggravated not only from the downtime caused by overheating, but the stress and difficulty due to lack of personnel to fix the problem when these units can help minimize downtime since they are relatively maintenance free.

The point is this: Notice what task can be automated with simple, low cost solutions, not only with pneumatics (which we do), but with other options that may also be available.

So look around – what can be done easier and differently to make it better?

January 10, 2022

Rapid Support and Flexibility verses This is All We got!

Rapid Support and Flexibility verses This is All We got!

Have you noticed the extreme reactions you get when you want to address a problem with suppliers?

You get either “sorry, this is all we got” or, “let’s try this….”

The pandemic and subsequent supply chain issues, labor shortage issues and everything else from that has resulted in a great deal of stress.

But it has also has tended to sort the companies that you may or may not want to deal with.

For example, we had a call during the Christmas week and we reacted quickly as the customer needed assistance.

They also wanted to vary the product which we accommodated.

  • The application was for our Ion Blaster Beam for a static elimination application but they wanted to magnetically secure the unit with our magnetic base.

To be certain it would hold the weight we tested it (yes, we contacted one of our personnel during the holidays who took the time to test) and it worked well but we had to test to be sure.

We contacted a courier to pick up on New Year’s Eve but, unfortunately, they could not and advised we wait until after the holiday to avoid being jammed up in a cue as there were only deliveries but no pickups that day.

Instead we expedited the shipment after the holiday at our extra cost.

It’s a difficult time for business in a lot of ways, but it is interesting that the ones that continue to succeed are flexible and do try to support the customer as best as possible, and customers – I think for the most part, recognize that.

There may be times when we simply cannot assist or do everything the customer wants.

While Nex Flow® is certainly not perfect, we do try to maintain an attitude of flexibility and support and are fortunate to have staff that, for the most part, share that attitude.

We also chose to work with customers that are also flexible because not everyone acts differently from 2019 because things certainly have changed since that year.

It’s a new kind of supplier/customer relationship that is occurring – where both parties now have to consider their positions more carefully and compatibility.

I think it’s a good thing, do you?

January 3, 2022



As 2022 begins we enter a world of manufacturing where the work environment demands greater concern for safety.

For compressed air this means greater safety in the use of compressed air, especially if there is potential contact with the air, and consideration of the noise from the use of compressed air.

Coupled to the above demands is the rising cost of energy, a particular concern with compressed air use.

An area where compressed air is still extensively used is for blow off and cooling applications despite publications touting the use of alternative methods, as compressed air remains often the only viable alternative.

Despite many years in the development of engineered air nozzles, there is still an extensive use of open tubes, drilled pipe and open jets.

Below is a chart indicating the compressed air consumed using various hole sizes.

While there may be some variation in the values from different studies in general, even very small holes can use a significant amount of energy.

In general, engineered air nozzles can reduce the energy required for many blow off applications between 30% to 40% depending on pressure, and type of air nozzle.

They also reduce noise up to 10 dBA as they generally operate by converting noise lost as pressure drop and noise into flow.

The flow is also laminar so they work at a greater distance from the air exit at a useful force.

The dead end pressure meets OSHA and other similar international standards for safety.

Apart form nozzles, other engineered air nozzle versions incluse air jets, air amplifiers and air knives.


In 2022, perhaps its time to consider a look at open tubes, pipe and dilled holes and improve the factory environment to the benefit of the employee and the company.

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